Academic Centre for Therapy and Integral Development at VPU supports human development

The Academic Centre for Therapy and Integral Development has recently started its activities at Vincent Pol University. The centre offers support in personal development, as well as various forms of therapy, coaching, counselling and workshops. All VPU students are invited to participate in the activities.

The main focus of the Centre’s activities is the improvement of quality of life, stress management skills, the development of interpersonal skills and other aspects related to integral human development.

– ‘At the Academic Centre for Therapy and Integral Development, students can count on support, but also have the chance to develop their passions and themselves,’ emphasises Judyta Popiołek, PhD, ACTiRI manager. – Our priority is not only to respond to emotional problems, but also to inspire development and self-realisation.

The centre operates on four main levels, each emphasising different aspects of personal development:

Ayurveda and Integral Development Studio: In this studio, students can benefit from coaching that includes goal definition, psychoeducation and psychological and educational support. With an approach based on Ayurveda, the forefather of holistic medicine, the candidate receives comprehensive care for physical and mental health.

Aromatherapy Workshop: This workshop offers a wide range of activities related to learning about and using essential oils. During the workshops, those interested learn to create cosmetics and aromatherapy blends, enabling them to explore this form of therapy to improve their wellbeing.

Art therapy workshop: Here art becomes a tool to support the health and development of the individual. Art therapy workshops use visual arts, music therapy, poetry therapy and choreotherapy to encourage creativity and expression of emotions through art.

Animal Therapy Development Workshop: This is a place where interaction with animals becomes a key element of therapy.Through a variety of activities and therapy sessions with animals, participants experience improved mental and physical health.

Any VPU student can join the Academic Centre for Therapy and Integral Development. You can use a variety of studios to discover your potentials, develop interpersonal skills and manage stress.

– On our website www.akademia-pol.edu.pl/actiri you will find a directory of our Centre’s staff, along with contact details for those involved in a particular studio. You can call or e-mail for help or to make an appointment,” emphasises Judyta Popiołek, PhD.- We also plan to organise workshops and online meetings on working with plants, which are very popular. We are open to suggestions and ideas, so we are waiting to hear back from students.

Join the Academic Centre for Therapy and Integral Development to develop in many different areas and find support on your path to personal development.

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