Physiotherapy and Beauty Science students practice in the Nałęczów Health Resort

Known for its over 200-year tradition of hydrotherapy, the Nałęczów Health Resort is where students of Physiotherapy and Beauty Science of Vincent Pol University gain invaluable practical experience.

The resort offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments that not only improve the health of patients, but also provide an excellent educational base for future specialists. Thus, for students of Physiotherapy, VPU is a real testing ground. There, they have the opportunity to work with modern equipment while learning therapeutic techniques such as hydromassage, light therapy, electrotherapy, massage and kinesitherapy – movement treatment. Here, future physiotherapists can gain practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to help patients effectively in their careers.

Under the supervision of experienced staff, students learn how to conduct therapies tailored to the individual needs of patients. They also learn about the advantages of using natural raw materials in therapy, which is part of the spa’s long-standing tradition. Through these experiences, students can see for themselves how theory turns into practice.

Practices are held in the cardiology hospital, which is part of the Nałęczów Health Resort, where students have access to the full treatment facilities. Thanks to this, they can get to know the spa from behind the scenes, try out treatments on themselves and also perform them on patients,” says Sylwia Chołojczyk, MA, who conducts practical classes with VPU students at the Nałęczów Health Resort.  

Beauty Science students have no fewer opportunities to develop their skills. The resort offers a wide range of spa treatments that focus on anti-aging prevention, skin regeneration and rejuvenation, and wellness. Here, our students learn how to effectively combat skin problems.

„ I am very happy with the resort classes. It’s a really great idea that allows you to see the work from a completely different perspective. We had the opportunity to learn about treatments that aren’t performed every day in a cosmetology practice, such as mud and fango wraps. I think it’s a great break from the daily activities at university,” assesses Laura Rożek, a second-year Beauty Science student at VPU.

The internship at the Nałęczów Health Resort is a great asset for students. Young students of Physiotherapy and Beauty Science at VPU gain additional experience by learning from qualified staff. This significantly increases their competence and confidence in the labour market.

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