Second day of Orientation Week at VPU

Today was the second day of introducing new students to our university community.

During this day students had the opportunity to learn about the rules of studying at the university, discuss the e-learning platform they will be using on a daily basis in their student’s life, receive information about insurance and the university’s activities in this regard.

A meeting with the policeman attracted a lot of interest. Aspirant Marcin Stelmach gave the students basic information about the security in our country. He told them what police uniforms look like, how to distinguish between them and what rights the police have when making an arrest. Traffic safety and the basic rules for staying safe were also discussed.

– Students who sat in on the lecture have travelled halfway around the world to secure a better future through learning and development. I believe that we should support them, and the police – the formation set up for this purpose – should help them – Marcin Stelmach summed up the meeting.

We believe that education is not only about gaining knowledge, but also about developing social skills and creating awareness. That is why we also organise meetings with various institutions that help our students integrate with the local community and gain practical skills.

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