Seminar and getting to know the Lublin region, i.e. field activities of Tourism students

First, participation in an international seminar entitled “Africa at the poles”, and then a field trip and learning about the tourist attractions of the Lublin region. This is what the field activities of the students of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Vincent Pol University looked like on Wednesday.

The seminar was organised by Vincent Pol University and the Museum of Polar Research in Puławy. It was in Puławy that a scientific session was held on natural and man-made factors that affect the lives of people in the Arctic, Africa and other regions of the globe. The lectures were of great interest to VPU students.

Another highlight of the day was a field trip, during which the students got to know the important tourist attractions in our region. Under the supervision of the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Head of the Department of Tourism and Recreation, Dr Sławomir Kula, Professor at VPU, and Dr Radosław Dolecki, Professor at VPU, the students had the opportunity to see the Czartoryski Palace in Puławy, the castle in Janowiec or the charming Renaissance town of Kazimierz Dolny on the Vistula River.

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