Sounds from all over the world during the Gospel Festival and an award for VPU

The International Gospel Festival in Lublin is behind us. During the Sunday event under the patronage of the Academy of Vincent Pol, sounds from all over the world resounded, and our university received an award for ‘global diversity and integration’.

This year’s festival, which took place at the Lublin Science and Technology Park, was dedicated to young people from Lublin because Lublin is the current european capital of youth.

– We are so happy because the atmosphere is great. We are going to celebrate God, we are going to celebrate joy, we are going to celebrate people tonight. – International Gospel Festival director Abraham Diomande told us during the festival. And he added: – And we are very happy that VPU responded very well to the invitation. The choir from this school will be performing along with many other artists from Poland and outside.

This is the second edition of the Gospel Festival and, as Abraham Diomande announces, it will be even bigger next year.

-So I thank all of the people here and VPU University for our cooperation.”

Abraham Diomande emphasised.

During the festival, our University received thanks and an award from the organisers for their support of the event and for the ‘global diversity and inclusion’ that takes place within the walls of VPU.

– We are very happy that Vincent Pol University became a patron of this beautiful event, Lublin’s Gospel Festival. I’m also very happy that our students will take an active part in it. They got involved in the organization of the event and also are going to perform here, – says the Head of the Department of English Philology, Dr Przemysław Terejko, Professor at VPU – I’m very excited and also very pleased that they begin to settle down in Lublin, that they find their activities and also that we can be a part of it, and I wish all the performers good luck and I hope that the audience will enjoy the show.

This is confirmed by Xenah Zirebwa, a graduate of Nursing at VPU who stayed on after studying in Lublin.

– I graduated recently from VPU and yeah, as part of integration into the society, I just decided oh why not just to mingle with others, to discover what is happening, because as you know, Lublin is home to me, VPU is home away from home, so they organized this kind of event for us and we’re having fun.” emphasises Xenah Zirebwa.

Both the organisers and the students who came to the festival were very happy.

– I represent the Student Government at Vincent Pol Academy. I am representing the Student Union in Vincent Pol University and we are here to grace the beautiful wonderful event where we hear beautiful songs, beautiful choruses and voices in harmony,” concluded Edna, a nursing student at VPU.

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