Students of Vincent Pol University with success in the Academic Championships

Three VPU physiotherapy students took part in the Lubelskie Voivodeship Academic Championships in the rowing ergometer. One of them stood on the podium.

Anastasia Reutova, Kacper Słoboda and Mariia Hrynishyna are studying physiotherapy at the Vincent Pol University. They also fulfil themselves in their sporting passions. They gave evidence of this last weekend at the Lubelskie Voivodeship Academic Rowing Ergometer Championships.

The competition was held in two categories – open and lightweight. The competitors’ task was to row as fast as possible over a distance of 800 metres. Our students took the following places:

Anastasia Reuvtova – 3rd place in the open category,

Mariia Hrynishyna – 5th place in the lightweight category,

Kaper Sloboda – 20th place in the open category.

The ergometer is a device derived from professional rowing training rooms. Training on an ergometer resembles swimming in a canoe.

– The ergometer develops endurance and coordination very well, so it is worth taking it into account in your training plan,”

emphasises Kacper Słoboda.

– The competition is a good opportunity to find out what to improve and what to focus on,” says Mariia Hrynishyna. – You can represent the university at them, but also meet new people, coaches.

Anastasia Reutova’s day-to-day activities include other sports such as triathlon and powerlifting, where she is quite successful. She also decided to take part in Saturday’s championships, taking 3rd place on the podium.

We congratulate all the students and wish them continued success!

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