Vincent Pol University inaugurated the new academic year and opened the Academic Center for Medical Sciences

There was a solemn Gaudeamus Igitur, medals for distinguished staff, and awards for the best graduates. However, the highlight of this year’s academic year inauguration was the opening of the Academic Center for Medical Sciences, a modern building at Vincent Pol University.

The ceremonies began with a Mass at the Church of St. Andrew Bobola. During the Mass, a choir from Africa, consisting of Vincent Pol University students, performed.

Before noon, the university authorities cut the ribbon and invited guests to the new building – the Academic Center for Medical Sciences. This is where students who want to pursue a career in cosmetology and healthcare will receive their education.

The Center is located next to the existing university building at 2 Choina Street, and both buildings are interconnected, forming a common complex.

“In 1999, we opened our main building. After 24 years, we are opening a new one. We built both of them with our own funds, without external contributions,”

emphasized President and Chancellor of Vincent Pol University, Prof. Henryk Stefanek.

To cut the ribbon, the Chancellor invited his daughter and son – Dorota Stefanek-Langham, Vice President of Vincent Pol University, and Dr. Mateusz Stefank, Professor at Vincent Pol University, Vice President of the university, and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

“They pressured me to undertake this investment,”

added the Chancellor.

The ribbon was also cut by the university’s rector, Dr. Hab. Mariusz Korczyński, Professor at Vincent Pol University.

Bishop Mieczysław Cisło, while blessing the Center, reminded that last spring, he blessed the foundation stone for the construction of this new facility.

“I am impressed by the pace and quality of the work. This facility will be dedicated to academic activities,” said Bishop Cisło. “I congratulate this achievement, I congratulate the development because this facility reflects progress in both the human and material dimensions.”

The Academic Center for Medical Sciences will mainly serve educational purposes, primarily for students studying physiotherapy and cosmetology.

The building has over 4200 square meters of space and is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and all the necessary facilities for education. It includes a bistro, cosmetic cabinets, studios, laboratories, lecture halls, a rehabilitation room, a library, and two amphitheater halls. New parking spaces have been created in front of the building, and there are plans to construct a full-sized multifunctional sports field.


After the formal opening and a tour of the Center, guests, university staff, and students participated in the inauguration of the academic year.

“Today, we inaugurate a new academic year for the 24th time. Our university’s role and position have continuously grown over the years, and the quality of our Academy is demonstrated by its graduates who know their worth and are well-prepared for their professional work,” emphasized the university’s rector, Dr. Hab. Mariusz Korczyński, Prof. of Vincent Pol University. “Our graduates are highly valued by employers because they combine the practical knowledge they gained here with theory.”

The rector also highlighted the numerous successes of VPU students in sports.

“We provide excellent conditions for studying for our athletes. They win medals not only in the country but also on the international stage, in various disciplines such as rugby, judo, kickboxing, football, handball, swimming, and basketball. What’s new for our university is the agreement with the Polish Wrestling Association to train athletes,”

said the rector.

Andrzej Supron, the President of the Polish Wrestling Association, a Polish wrestler, wrestling coach, and referee, as well as a TV presenter, was present at the Sunday ceremony at AWP.

The founder of Vincent Pol University, its Chancellor and President, Assoc. Prof. Henryk Stefanek, thanked all the staff for their dedication:

“Without this effort and work beyond the limits, it would be difficult to run the university at such a high level.”

The Chancellor also expressed great satisfaction that AWP graduates do not contribute to the ranks of the unemployed because the university focuses on practical fields. He also noted the significant number of international students studying at the university.

“Our institution ranks 6th among state and non-state universities in terms of internationalization. These students who come to us from abroad bring financial resources to the entire city,”

emphasized the Chancellor.

Congratulations and expressions of recognition for the university’s authorities, faculty, and students were offered by Lech Sprawka, the Governor of Lublin, Zbigniew Wojciechowski, the Deputy Marshal of Lublin Voivodeship, and Beata Stepaniuk-Kuśmierzak, the Deputy Mayor of Lublin, responsible for sports and culture affairs in the Lublin City Hall.

“We have been cooperating with you for years and have admired your institution. You are one of the brightest points on Lublin’s sports map. Congratulations on your courage; the new building is impressive, and the approach to educating professionals and young people deserves recognition,”

said Deputy Mayor Beata Stepaniuk-Kuśmierzak.

Grzegorz Kuna, an advisor to the Minister of Education and Science, read a letter from Minister Prof. Przemysław Czarnek, in which he wished the staff and students of AWP inspiration for their work and the courage to take on new challenges.

After the symbolic induction of students, the authorities of Vincent Pol University presented medals and distinctions.

Medals from Vincent Pol University for their contributions to the institution were awarded to:

Prof. Dr. Hab. Bogumiła Mucha-Leszko
Dr. Małgorzata Konarzewska, Prof. of AWP
Dr. Sławomir Kula, Prof. of AWP
Dr. Radosław Dolecki, Prof. of AWP
Bogdan Łukasik, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Lublin
Mgr. Eng. Bogdan Naczas
Michael Nluma
Prof. Raoul Saggini, MD, PhD

Distinctions for AWP graduates with the best academic performance went to:

Violetta Krzaczek
Agnieszka Misiarz
Edyta Supron
Weronika Szymanek
Anna Nobis
Yuliia Prysiazhniuk
Iwona Tarkowska
Agata Chmielarska
The Vincent Pol Scholarship for international students was awarded to:
1st place with a 100% discount on tuition in the second semester – Yehor Anikin
2nd place with a 50% discount on tuition in the second semester – Yuliia Nynyk
3rd place with a 30% discount on tuition in the second semester – Sofiia Sandulenko

The Sunday festivities concluded with an inaugural lecture titled “The Heart – a Special Organ,” delivered by Prof. Dr. Hab. Andrzej Kleinrok, MD.

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