Become a beauty science student and learn the secrets of make-up

How to take care of client’s beauty, follow the latest trends, choose cosmetics for the skin – these and many other secrets of professional make-up, tested by students at the Beauty Sicence class.

– I am a practitioner during classes that require deepening knowledge about the aesthetics of make-up. You can use shadows, liquids and other products during exercises. We have everything needed by a scientist

– says Joanna Piech, lecturer in Beauty Sicence at the Vincent Pol University.

As I add, make-up is also about discovering your artistic soul and exploring your creativity.

– It is a creative subject that allows students to use reality and their possibilities

– concerns Joanna Piech.

During aesthetics classes, students learn not only the secrets of make-up, but also how to break down the ingredients of cosmetics for different skin types, how to enhance the beauty of clients, how to use their strengths and sometimes use them for things they themselves do not like.

This type of opportunity to work in cosmetology provides practical preparation for court, setting up your own beauty salon in the future and operating effectively in this profession. The students appreciate it very much.

– These classes are purely about improvising. An incorrectly developed plan allows us to express our creativity, stimulates creativity and does not limit us – summary of one of the cosmetology students, Katarzyna Terejko. – I recommend studying this field at AWP.

We invite you!

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