VPU tourism students practised in the Małopolska region

The Ojcowski National Park near Krakow, the Podhale and the Pieniny Mountains – these are the places visited by students of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Vincent Pol University and members of the Scientific Circle of Tourism and Hospitality Management. All this as part of practical field exercises.

The trip was organised at the end of May. Visiting the Małopolska region, first-year students of VPU’s Master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management perfected key skills needed in the work of a tour guide and tour leader.

– Thanks to such trips, students have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, as well as integrating. In addition, foreign students have the opportunity to admire the qualities of Malopolska – says the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr Sławomir Kula, Professor at VPU, Head of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

During the exercises, students were tasked with preparing a short presentation on specific sites or sightseeing values according to selected topics. The range of topics was broad – including historical outlines of cities, descriptions of historical monuments and characteristics of mountain range landscapes. This enabled the students to learn more about unusual places in the tourist areas of Malopolska.

The field exercises were an excellent opportunity to put their knowledge of tourism and recreation into practice. They enabled students to hone their guiding skills and gain valuable work experience.

– During the trip to Zakopane, I enjoyed the atmosphere in which I practised as a pilot and tour guide. We were able to spend a nice, interesting and informative time with our senior colleagues, as well as hiking in the mountains, exploring Zakopane and visiting several national parks – concludes the senior of the second year of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Daria Kravchuk from the Scientific Circle of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

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